Envrionment Technology Consulting is fully liscensed, insured, and bonded to perform the following work to Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Clients.

Asbestos Building Inspections

An asbestos building inspection are needed to identify suspected asbestos containing materials (ACM) at a specific project site. The survey is accomplished by reviewing building plans and records, and a visual examination of the project site to determine if suspected ACMs are present. Representative bulk samples of suspected ACM are collected, its location documented, and quantity estimated. Samples are then submitted to an accredited laboratory for testing. Environment Technology Consulting then provides the client with an asbestos survey report, which typically consists of a description of each type of suspected ACM identified, its condition (friable or nonfriable), a summary of laboratory results, and an estimation of the quantity of ACMs present at the project site.

An asbestos building inspection is usually required prior to any demolition or renovations plans.

Asbestos Remediation and Removal

Environment Technology Consulting specializes in the removal and remediation of potentially harmful friable and non-friable asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos was previously used in building products until the 1970’s.

Environment Technology can provide services to safely r
emove and remediate the following asbestos containing materials:

Pipe Isulation
Boiler Tank and Breeching Insulation
Floor Tile and Mastic
Cementitious "Transite" Siding
Plaster and Wall/Ceiling Texture Coating
....among many others!!!!

We have provided these services to indiviual homeowners, demolition contractors, school corporations, and our Industrial and Commercial Clients.

Lead Inspections/Risk Assessments

General Lead Based Paint Inspections and Reports will identify the presence of Lead Based Paint in a facility by testing the various building components via an XRF Analyzer.

Lead Based Paint Risk Assessment are an on-site investigation to determine the existence, nature, severity, and location of a lead-based paint hazard, and the provision of a report by the individual conducting the risk assessment explaining the results of the investigation and options for reducing lead-based paint hazards. Risk Assessment is designed to determine if a housing unit is lead-safe or not for young children (six years of age and under), and what should be done to fix any lead paint hazards found. A Risk Assessment will not identify all lead painted surfaces in a housing unit.

 Indiana State Department of Health Risk Assessor License # IND000325

Lead Abatement and Remediation

The majority of homes and commercial facilities built prior to 1978 contain lead-based paint. Over the course of time as this paint begins to deteriorate through normal wear and tear or during renovation projects, it has the potential to releases harmful lead and lead dust throughout a variety of places in and around a home, business, or industrial property. Dust and paint chips from lead paint are a major source of lead poising for both children and adults. Therefore, if you believe that your residential, industrial, or commercial property, contains lead paint, you may need lead paint abatement or lead remediation services to remove any hazardous material. 

Lead Based Paint Abatement and Remediation Services we provide include; paint stabilization, lead paint abatement, lead paint encapsulation, building component removal and replacement, etc.

Indiana State Department of Health Lead Contractor License# IND000059

Indoor Air Quality Tests / Mold Inspections / Mold Remediation